‘Coleraine to Galway’

  1. The Coleraine Regatta
  2. Bonny Bonny
  3. Song for Ireland
  4. The Music of Healing
  5. Lovely Johnny
  6. The Tinkerman’s Daughter
  7. Shore ‘Neath the Tide
  8. Don’t Come Again
  9. Port of Call
  10. Your Daughters and Your Sons
  11. Edward Boyle
  12. Sweet Portaferry
  13. The Galway Shawl

“Congratulations on the new album. It’s fantastic and I can honestly say your version of my song ‘The Tinkerman’s Daughter’ far outshines all of the other covers including Cilla Fisher and Niamh Parsons. Again congratulations on a job well done…..” Mickey MacConnell

‘Different Roads’

1. Braw Sailin’ on the Sea (traditional)

2. Broom O’ the Cowden Knowes (traditional)

3. Generations of Change (Matt Armour)

4. Sandwood Down to Kyle (Dave Goulder)

5. The King’s Shilling (Ian Sinclair)

6. Southside Blues (Stuart  MacGregor)

“Your recording of my song ‘Sandwood Down to Kyle’ is clear as a bell. I would recommend your version of it to anyone wishing to learn the song.” – Dave Goulder